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Help in choosing a reader

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for your help in deciding the reader for me. I have mostly used computers to read my ebooks and for a short while in my Aluratek Libre. My Libre screen got busted after a fall and now I'm looking for a replacement.
  • Price is rather important for me.
  • I want good navigation features as in easy page turning, remembering of last page per book. Jump to page and search are also highly desirable.
  • Book navigation. I'm used to folder browsing. How does collection and other such customized browsing works specially if books don't have meta data properly?
  • Prefer one with long charges since I generally read couple of hours a day (so E-Ink is actually preferable).
  • I am used to reading in lots of format from html to epub. So it would be great to have that. How bad is it if the reader doesn't support many formats specially with Calibre? Can calibre convert to azw?
  • Of course a good build and screen is highly desirable too specially since I broke my last one.
  • Bookstores and such aren't a concern for me

English is not my first language so I'm not how well that list came off. Basically most of the reader would somehow work but I am trying to think which one would feel most comfortable given my practice of reading in computers and the flexibility it afford. So information about software features and what are missing would be very helpful.
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