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Will the kindle light my fire?

Happy Holidays and Greetings from an Old Geek,

I've been recently bouncing around mobileread and posting a few comments here and there. I thought that it was about time that I should remember my manners and introduce myself. So here goes:

I've been following this site since its beginning. I've always found mobileread to be interesting and informative. I've just never posted here. I couldn't find an ebook reader that ever filled my list of minimum standards. I figured until I did, why take up server space with opinions that were based on--well,not much factual use. Now,finally, I think that I've found a decent first generation ebook reader: The Amazon Kindle. In fact, I've ordered 2 Amazon Kindles (arriving Dec. 10--I hope). One is a Christmas present to myself and the other is a present for my significant other, who likes to read, but lives in a land far, far away from a techville. I needed something that would come on the scene that would offer good book selection, and was so easy to operate that anyone could do it. Otherwise, I knew that I would be in ebook reader village all by myself. That would mean that I'd still be tripping over the gazzillions of books and papers that we have around our place. The Kindle is the first such product that I've seen that *might* work. Time will tell.

I've read ebooks on pda's and tried to read them on the computers (tablets & regular). I've even given a couple of dedicated readers a try over the years (returned them promptly due to the poor screen quality and lack of book selection.) However, I've never enjoyed it much and my "other" hardly gave it a thought...sigh.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about the Kindle. Finally, we will have some reasonable book choices for a better price and also have ease of delivery and I may have a good excuse to post to this site.

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