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koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.koland ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.
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Updated to add two new features from Amazon:

Kindle Deal of the Day - one day deals on books (on the day I posted, there are 18 at $2.99).

Kindle eBooks Student Deal of the Day. The page not only shows you the current book, but the upcoming books (so you don't go buying a pricey textbook when you could have waited a few days for a better deal)

Ok, a number of today's freebies were posted in last month's thread and it took me a while to create this list, but here are all the current freebies that are actually "books" (self-contained, at least a short story or novella), arranged by genre. The list can change at any time (one freebie posted this morning was already back to full price by evening), so always check before clicking to purchase.

Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Miscellaneous
Stupid Christmas
Blood of the Wicked
A Question of Upbringing
Silent Screams
Huckleberry Finished
Crossing the Line
Boob Tube
Whirl of the Wheel
Get Some
Quiet As They Come (Free Story for Kindle)
When Night Falls
Tumor Chapter 1
The Hunters: A Novella

Fantasy and Science Fiction
The Great Secret
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #5: Purgatory
The New World
Chapter 15.5
Bright of the Sky (Book 1 of The Entire and the Rose)
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #1: Precipice
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #2: Skyborn
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #3: Paragon
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #4: Savior
The Wild's Call
Eros, Philia, Agape: A Tor.Com Original
A Memory of Wind: A Tor.Com Original
First Flight: A Tor.Com Original
Overtime: A Tor.Com Original

Once Bitten
My Christmas Wish
Snowy Night Seduction
The Dickens With Love
Holiday Bound
Slow Ride: A Rough Riders story
Outlander: with Bonus Content
Sheltering Hearts
I Thought It Was You: Grimm's Circle, Book 2.5
Seducing Jane Porter
The Wicked House of Rohan
Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch
Colters' Wife
Hide in Plain Sight
Dancing in the Moonlight
Irresistible Forces
His Lady Mistress
Slow Hands
Kiss Me Deadly
Baby Bonanza
Once a Cowboy
Homespun Bride
A Very Special Delivery
Speed Dating
The Bride's Baby

Nile Style: Egyptian Cuisine and Culture: Ancient Festivals, Significant Ceremonies, and Modern Celebrations
Cooking from China's Fujian Province: One of China's Eight Great Cuisines
Fine Filipino Food
Old Havana Cookbook: Cuban Recipes in Spanish and English
Understanding the Americans: A Handbook for Visitors to the United States
India: An Illustrated History
Norse Warfare: Unconventional Battle Strategies of the Ancient Viking
English-Hebrew Hebrew-English: Conversational Dictionary/Romanized
Allies and Enemies: How the World Depends on Bacteria
Never Buy Another Stock Again: The Investing Portfolio That Will Preserve Your Wealth and Your Sanity
Lessons of a Brand Manager
15 Ways to Take Control of Your Career Now (Collection)
The Rules of Chess
The Truth About Getting the Best From People
Money Girl's Smart Moves to Deal with Your Debt
25 Language Phrasebook
Cybill Disobedience
Acupressure Guide For Relieving Hangovers
Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements (Mendeleev's Table)
Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2011
Democratizing Innovation
Economic Report of the President
More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea
Publish on Amazon Kindle with the Digital Text Platform

CK-12 21st Century Physics
CK-12 Advanced Probability and Statistics
CK-12 Biology I - Honors
CK-12 Calculus
CK-12 Chemistry
CK-12 Earth Science
CK-12 Engineering: An Introduction for High School
CK-12 Geometry
CK-12 Life Science
CK-12 People's Physics Book Version 2
CK-12 Trigonometry

Religious/Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction
Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas
25 Days, 26 Ways to Make This Your Best Christmas Ever
A Horse to Love
The Case for Christmas: A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger
Sophie's Secret
Troublesome Creek (Troublesome Creek Series #1)
The Christmas Story from the Family Reading Bible
The Judge Who Stole Christmas
Fireflies in December
Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister, Book 1)
The Paradise War
Lonestar Sanctuary (Lonestar Series, Book 1)
Invisible (Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1)
The Holy Bible English Standard Version (ESV)
Relentless (Dominion Trilogy #1)
Autobiography of a Yogi (Reprint of Original 1946 Edition)

Mine Sweeper
Every Word
Shuffled Row
Word Morph Volume 1

An Unwanted Hunger
All in Time
Nocked for a Loop
Spirit's Release
Take Me
Peak Energy
Danu, The Return
Desire in the Dark
Not Just an Orgy
Better Late Than Never
Door Prize
Hot Moon Rising
Maui Heat
Lap Dance
Master's Thief
Hot for the Reunion
Haunted by the Past
Playing Hardball
His Voice, His Command
Shapeshifter's Craving
Kayla's Birthday Present
The Bad Widow
Her Very Special Robot
Hunting Evander
Outlaw Lovers Dossier
Seychelles Sunset
Reaper's Justice
Tessa's Ambassador
Interlude in Pearl
Thrill of the Hunt
First Taste
Tween Hopeful and Hopeless
Waiting at Eros
The Next Big Thing
Goodbye Blues, Hello Love
Red Satin
Stakeout for Love
Unexpected Comfort
Message for Minerva
Christmas ScandalNot!
Just Like Old Times
Song of the Swan

UK Only
Fairytale of New York
In Praise of Savagery
Blood, Sweat and Tea: Real Life Adventures in an Inner-city Ambulance
Cybill Disobedience
Soul Identity
25 Language Phrasebook
Shatter (The Children of Man)
Arousing Love
The New World
Advanced 25 Language Phrasebook
Bit Literacy: Productivity in the Age of Information and E-mail Overload

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