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Want to load up Nook for wife before giving as a gift

I'm a n00b. I admit it.

My wife is getting a Nook as a gift in a few weeks. I have it in front of me now, so I have time to customize it. I want to put some things on it so she can start reading immediately. But I don't want to mess it up so she can't use her B&N account with it.

I'd like to put on it:
1. some public domain books
2. some library books that I believe our branch offers
3. a purchased book (I know one's she's been anxious to read)

Again, the primary restriction is that I don't want to do something that can't be undone, like linking the Nook to my B&N account instead of hers. Maybe this means I can't do #3 above. Does it affect #2?

Feel free to direct me to FAQs for my specific items above. I won't be insulted.
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