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Question I'm going to get an eBook reader for the first time. Which one should I get?

Basically, I just want the eBook reader to read books. I don't care about fancy music players or games. There are other devices for those. First of all, I live in Canada so a few types of eReaders aren't easy to purchase here. I will probably not be getting my books from the stores within the eBook reader. Rather, I will get my books on my computer from various stores or free sources. I think they generally come in the ePub fromat, so compatibility with ePub is important. Additionally, I won't need 3G or even wifi. Decent PDF support would also be nice, but is not mandatory. As long as PDF's that are formatted for a 6'' reader are easily readable, that is all I really need. Furthermore, being able to jump to specific pages in a PDF would be nice. The only other important factor for my decision is price. Hopefully I can get a reader that is $200 CAD or less.

I've done a bit of research so far and this is what I've come up with.

Sony PRS-650 ($230 CAD): It seems to have all the features I want and even has pretty good PDF support, but it's at a price a little too high for my liking.

B&N Nook ($150 US = $154 CAD): This seems like a pretty decent reader and it's cheap. Sadly, it isn't available in Canada so it might be hard to get one.

Kobo ($100 CAD no wifi or $160 CAD wifi): For $100 dollars it seems like a great deal, but I hear that the PDF support is not so good. EDIT: It looks like the $100 dollar Kobo is not going to happen. They have to be picked up locally and there are almost none left.

Kindle 3 ($140 CAD no 3G or $190 CAD 3G): The Kindle 3 is priced well and it seems to be a well reviewed reader. Sadly, though, it doesn't support ePub files and it probably would get very annoying having to convert most of the eBooks I get to a usable format.

So what do you guys think? Should I get one of these four readers or something else entirely?

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