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Excellent, excellent. Now you can show off the Nook Color and when people say "Oh that's just for reading books" boy can you show them something that'll make 'em want to buy one themselves.

Anyway, here's a few more test clips if you'd care to try 'em. They're all done from HD movie trailers, all encoded to the same spec as the previous 848x368 videos - and again, since the specs for the Nook Color say it's got a max of H.264 Baseline encodings at 854x480, this is the closest you'll get with HandBrake considering the way the math of encoding works out.

I wanted to get something really to show off that IPS screen on the Nook Color so this one should do that fantastically. It's the trailer for Megamind, a recent animated movie from Dreamworks, and it's 2 minutes 29 seconds long, 33.5MB in size:

Next is Green Lantern, which has a lot of action and moving sequences (which cause encoding bitrates to spike quite high) so I'm interested in if the Nook Color "chokes" on this one at all. 2 minutes 28 seconds long, 27.2MB in size:

Let me know how those came out in terms of playback, and I had one more clip I'm doing straight from one of my Harry Potter DVDs but it's still encoding. Probably a non-issue since it's a max of 720 pixels wide anyway as I explained earlier.

But for 720p or 1080p content encoded down to 848 pixels wide, I think the Nook Color can handle it just fine (and I recommend HandBrake over any and all other encoders, just for the record).

Bleh, here's that Harry Potter clip. Again, it's from an original retail DVD so the resolution is obviously lower so the Nook Color won't even break a sweat playing this one. It's 720x304, 8 minutes 40 seconds long, 86.7MB in size:

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