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Ok, I'm wondering if someone can test this clip for me. I took a look at that Avatar clip posted earlier in the thread and wow, what a horrible looking clip. The bitrate is sky high, and it's just a bad encode all around, and encodes can be done much better.

Here's a clip I just encoded, the original source is an HD movie trailer (720p) from the upcoming movie Tron. That Avatar clip was 16 seconds long and took 18.1MB - this clip is 2 minutes and 31 seconds long, 720x304 resolution and it's smaller but vastly superior in terms of quality.

You tell me, does it play nice with the Nook Color or not?

Basically I need some guinea pigs to try the encode out and tell me if it works well on the Nook Color. If it turns out to be successful without issues, I'll bump the resolution up a notch to 800 pixels wide, then ask for more reports, then potentially take it to about 848 wide (the max you'll get with HandBrake given the mod 16 requirement for video resolution and the Nook Colors' stated maximum of 854 pixel wide content).


Here's the clip hosted at MediaFire, 17.8MB in size:

As for using HandBrake, it's far easier than most of you probably realize, and those guides out there are making it overly complex - there's no need to do anything with the Advanced properties or the command line, honestly.

I'm not using the standard public version of HandBrake, 0.9.4, which is quite old now. I'm using a nightly build which offers more features and better encoding quality as well, so it could play into how well or not well the encode above works. It does use 48 kHz sampling for the audio as that's fairly standard - if it chokes on the audio then I can redo it with 44 kHz but these days most everything should be able to play AAC with that sample rate without issues; it's pretty much the standard.

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