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Originally Posted by mornington View Post
I've been adding my library to calibre (for my shiny new Kindle, since you ask) and it's a lovely piece of software but there are some columns/fields which would make calibre much easier to use:

has_cover: A multi-valued field which indicates whether the eBook has a cover or not and, if so, where it came from. Possible values: Downloaded, Generated, fromEBook, None (respectively: the cover was downloaded by calibre, was generated by calibre, was read from the eBook when it was added to calibre and No cover detected)

has_metadata. Same thing as for "has_cover" but it refers to whether the book's (social) metadata was downloaded, generated, read from the eBook itself or doesn't exist.

The idea of the above two fields is to permit *filtering* (and sorting) to decide which books need to have metadata/covers obtained from the internet (or manually updated) and which can be left alone. Complementary "has_cover_datechecked" and "has_cover_metadatachecked", holding the date these were last checked/downloaded, would also be handy.
I second! Just came here today looking for this very thing! I hope you don't mind, but i opened a ticket on the calibre web site with this request,

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