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Originally Posted by Kiwimick View Post
I think you misunderstood. When you said that you used to be able to turn it off and on right away you wasnt actually turning it off. You were putting it into sleep mode. When you started getting the messages about "are you sure that you wanted to turn off the device" etc that is turning off the device and that will take a little time to start up again.
To just put it in sleep mode just quickly slide and release and the screen should go blank until you slide and release again.

ON the reader turning it self off when you try to turn a page can I ask how you are charging the reader ie via USB or mains charging?
No, I understood - I was explaining that if what you're saying is the case, then what is happening is that when I quickly slide the bar over, and it doesn't turn off, it's actually NOT going into sleep mode anymore, like it used to. Instead, the page that I was on is still showing.

Regarding it turning itself off after turning a page, that always happens after I've had to try to restart multiple times, then when it finally loads the page, as soon as I hit the page forward button, it shuts off (or maybe goes into sleep mode.)

I've always charged the reader with the USB cable. It didn't come with a wall charger, and at one point I even called Sony to ask if I needed to buy one and was told it wasn't necessary. After researching this particular issue I'm having, I've since learned that many people feel it is better to use a wall charger, so I ordered one and it should be here soon.

Thank you so much for your help!
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