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Originally Posted by polly View Post
I think it really depends on what you want. I want something small and light that I can curl up with to read for an afternoon. I think the Kindle is too big and heavy; the Atom and the Edge are way bigger than anything I'd want for pleasure reading. I travel a lot, so I want something with a battery that will last a week without charging. The hour ride to the airport, hour to two at the gate, ten to twelve on the airplane, etc. make anything that's not eInk less appealing.

For two pounds, I can take my little netbook and have a keyboard with my normal word processing and email applications. Since my Palm provides me with a WiFi hotspot for that netbook, I don't really care if my reader can go online or not. In fact, I'd prefer that it not. Why pay for something I won't ever use? For my needs, dedicated reader plus dedicated netbook work just fine. Show me a tablet that plugged into a more capable base station for use at home and you'd have my full attention as a netbook replacement, but I still would want my light weight, dedicated eInk reader.

People with different needs would give you entirely different answers to the same question.
I understand what you are saying;

It seems that my needs for a reader is completely different than yours. If you think the Kindle is heavy then our expectations are in different universes, I guess. I don't really do recreation readings at all, but all of my readings are pretty much academic/professional papers and journals, and most of them are PDFs. I actually would like as big of an e-ink screen as I can get. Weight is important with any device, of course, but it's rather secondary to e-ink size; I would get a 15" e-ink screen if they offer one. Weight only matters to me in terms of transportation, so I would like as large an e-ink screen as they offer, and build it at as low weight as they can for that screen.

I would definitely need a better way to annotate the readings than what the Kindle provides. Also the ability to jot down notes on papers would be a huge plus as well. Netbook is no good in working with ePub or PDF annotations, unless I want to type all of them in separate notes. So yes, I guess we are almost on opposite ends of the spectrum of e-readers.
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