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Originally Posted by polly View Post
Your problem is that you're looking for something that's not on the market. E-Ink and multimedia are mutually exclusive right now. E-ink works by using microdots to redraw the screen when the screen changes, causing a reverse image flash. That works fine for changing pages; not so much for watching a video. As with many things, you either have to decide what's most important or use two different devices.
You are possibly correct, maybe I'm just a little too much ahead of the times.

But what do you think about the Adam and the Edge, both seem like at least viable design for dual use (although with very different strategies to meet that goal). You don't think these devices would be able to do the jobs on both the reader and the tablet sides?

Originally Posted by polly View Post
or use two different devices.
Have not thought about this option. I would like to carry one device, but if the total weight of two devices would be similar to the 3lb Edge, and the total cost doesn't exceed $500 (price for both Adam and Edge), I might consider it (still would lack the interaction between the two sides.

Any concrete suggestion on that front?
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