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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
I am beginning to believe that Wolf format is nothing more than bitmapped images with one image per page. Am I close?

But in the case of the V6, there definitely is 2 versions of WOLF files. Let me explain...

When you use the Hanlin printer, the output appears to be graphical/bitmapped, and the resulting output cannot be zoomed in/out. The result does look good, as the fonts matches what's on your computer display.

When you use the Wolf application (chinese-only(?)) to create the WOLF file, it is rendered as text, and the text CAN be zoomed in/out, and the text does reflow, which leads me to think it's actual text. However, the output from the Wolf application is hmmm.... passable :P Nothing to write home about!

Checking the code I gave earlier, it appears that the latter format isn't documented, although I could be wrong, as I haven't got enough C coding skills to be able to implement a Wolf parser yet...

Hope that helps!

Out of curiousity, what are you planning on doing with the WOLF format...
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