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Where did the USB transfer mode go?

Hi guys,

when I connect my Hanlin to the computer, many times it happens that it doesn't show the two options (recharging the battery and USB mode), but it directly starts to recharge the battery. And many times the only solution to get the USB mode is to connect it to another computer.

Do you guys know about this? I've been searching and didn't find anything, although I know saw about this somewhere, don't remember where.

mine is a Hanlin V3 from Pixelar, with the "HanLin" chinese characters in the corner. Firmware: not sure --> in the Splash Screen it says v1.4 (15 Nov 200), showing a "HanLin V3" big sign and a linux penguin; in the main menu it shows "" in the side; and in the "about" page it says it's version v2.22U.091021.

Thanks for helping, thanks, thanks!!!
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