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Originally Posted by NatCh View Post
Well, numbers 2, 5, and part of 6 went away with the 505, and 3 changed when Amazon beat down the prices for everyone else, but the important thing is that you've found a device that works for you, and I'm very glad for you on that score!
6 is still a problem until they make their Connect software for Mac, which I don't see happening. Until then, store purchases appear to be a PC-only affair (or PC-emulation-only). Granted, you can manage open files through the USB mass storage mode, but that doesn't help if you're looking to buy items from the Connect store.

This was one of the main things that swayed me over to the Kindle. I am currently running Parallels on my Mac, but my older version doesn't support USB (or at least it hasn't worked for me yet), which leaves the store/software unusable for me unless I pay for the Parallels update. At that point, the Kindle isn't really any more expensive (and way more convenient)...

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