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Originally Posted by Figwit View Post
I have read books on the IPad using the Kindle application. I had no trouble reading for hours though I haven't tried pdf. The worst part about the IPad was bulk - I needed a stand to read comfortably - and the draining of the battery. I had to recharge it every day.
Yes, Ipad's always an alternative, it's good to hear your perspective. I do have problems reading a long period of time in front of an LCD, and I think most of the people that I know feel the same (a few do not). My desktop has a 1080p, 350+ nits, 2ms refresh, 120 hz monitor. I can read on there 1 - 1.5 hrs no problem, but beyond that, a noticeable headache sets in, and my eyes become more tired and strained. But reading on paper is a completely different matter.

The problem with iPad is that it's neither particularly good for reading, nor is it particularly light (compared to Kindle, sony, nook, etc). But it has a ton of other possible uses. Given that I primarily buy it to read and take notes, then it's not the greatest of choices. But I might settle for it if other devices all have considerable flaws.
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