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Originally Posted by stustaff View Post
I think the point people are missing is its not an ipod or a phone its a reader, and both its shape size and manafacture mean it wont be as durable as a smaller comparitively heavier device! I mean its what as big as 5 Ipods but as heavy as two.
Yep. Something like an ipod is going to be more robust due to form factor. The plastic bits don't have to span as much open space on an ipod, (read: screen size) as they would in a reader. Lack of support tends to make things more fragile, oddly enough...

There is also a lot to be said for luck. If your piece of gear happens to land squarely on it's back, the impact forces are going to be spread out through the whole unit and it's chances of coming through unscathed are considerably higher than if it had landed at a tilt of 45 degrees on it's corner.

Even fairly solid gear can pop like popcorn if torqued just right. (or just wrong as the case may be)

So really, there are too many factors to take into account when dropping something as to declare another gizmo to be "more durable". You may drop something 10 times with no noticeable issues, and a friend may drop theirs only once which just so happens to hit the "sweet spot" and the resulting shrapnel kills three people. (situation exaggerated to make a point) You will be thinking the device is "durable", but your friend thinks it's crap.

To put it bluntly, no electronic device is meant to be dropped! Regardless of design, you really can't (unintentionally) do a more hostile act towards your beloved gizmo than letting it hit the ground. There's a reason why even the most rugged items warranties do not cover being dropped.
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