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I'm a new Kindle user

UPS tells me my Kindle will arrive sometime today, so I'm stuck at home since I don't want to miss delivery. I ordered it right after seeing the PBS interview of Charlie Rose with the President of Amazon.

This is my first time on this forum, and I realise that the Kindle is new to all of us. But I would like to see the Kindle format added to those who upload ebooks -- but maybe it will work by itself, and only needs to be called it.

But seeing so many different formats, makes me realize how dependent we all are to a standard so we can share ebooks better. Does anyone have a program which can do format conversions between the various types? I'm sure that there is not a big difference between them, and the Kindle for example is very flexible even taking PDFs although you wouldn't like what it comes out to be. Probably any text with word wrap would work, but graphics are another story. The Kindle has 600x800 with 4 shades of grey.

Incidentally, I really understand that the Kindle is strictly version 1 of what is to come. I didn't buy it thinking it was version "n" of some future date. But what really sold me was the opportunity to publish ebooks of my choice -- something that is impossible to get with a hard book publisher. I also like the fact that I will end up with money if anyone buys one, but that's not the main reason. I will initially be publishing some 7 or 8 books I wrote -- one of which dates back to 1950 (Japanese Chess) and another to 1952 (Chinese Chess), plus others. I have always enjoyed writing, but hated not being published.

Question: How does one obtain a copyright on a Kindle or other ebook publication? I know about showing the copyright message, but how does one send a copy to the Library of Congress, and get an LC number in the process. Or can an LC number be obtained in advance provided you can define the details needed to properly code the LC number.

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