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Originally Posted by adjangs View Post
I agree the Adam Ink promises to be a wonderful device; I've no idea if it's coming soon though.

I haven't used any of these devices so I can't comment specifically. But, I'm curious why you aren't considering a netbook or tablet/netbook as I see you aren't requiring e-ink, yet are wanting added functionality?

Ah, I'm looking primarily for a e-ink device since that's what I would feel the best on reading professional journals and academic articles for extended periods of time. I would go for a LCD tablet if the options on the e-ink side are not good. But I also would need some minimal ability to access the web and some multimedia capability, since I don't want to have to bring this and my laptop with me all day at the same time.

For me a netbook just duplicates too much functionality with my regular laptop, which is actually not that hefty (slightly above 5 lb). And I would like some ability to annotate the texts I'm reading at the minimum; the ability to take notes and journal would be nice extras.

Both Adam and Edge would functionally be perfect. But one seems to not have any ETA at the moment; while the other is very heavy for a reader, and doesn't have android market access. So I'm sort of caught in between. Ipad and the nooks are just backups in case neither one works out.
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