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My K3 has started acting up as some of you have reported. I have about 1,200 books loaded, and it's recently started doing repeated spontaneous restarts. When I checked how many were indexing, ALL of them were, last night! The number kept coming down as I'd recheck a "nonsense search," until only 30 were still indexing tonight. It did a couple of spontaneous restarts again, so I did a manual reboot, and now ALL 1,200 books are again "indexing!" Should that happen with a reboot? Or is this 1-1/2 month old Kindle ready for a replacement? (Sure hate to do that, since it means reloading lots of books, and making another 30 "collections," which is time consuming...)

Before this, my only problem was the Kindle "freezing" after doing a "highlight." After 2 or 3 highlights, the screen would freeze for about 5 min, then back to normal.

Never had any problems with my K2 or K1......
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