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Originally Posted by Micah View Post
Yea, back button is high on our list. and the page slider is an approximation due to the way RMSDK works until you let go and land on a page. Not sure we can improve that but we'll try. Looking at supporting page numbers that are authored in other ways in EPUB, so that might improve things - might not.
It's not so much the accuracy of the page number I'm concerned with, but while dragging the scrubber it says something like "31 of 298" and then when I release, I end up on "35 of 298". At least to me, it feels like my hand must be jerking just slightly as I try to release and just makes everything feel less accurate. I assure you though, that I'm absolutely trying to keep my hand as still as possible.

As to the footnotes. Are you talking about an epub or a PDF? and when you say tapping, I'm assuming you are talking about links? Is this a DRM file? If not, could you provide the file for testing purposes?
I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough, it's tough to describe using just words.

I've been reading a bunch of Terry Pratchett in epub format (unfortunately, all DRM'ed). He uses lots of humorous footnotes that that look like:
[Page 5 of 290]

Something fairly innocuous here*

[Page 290 of 290]
* Wow, that innocuous comment was really quite amusing wasn't it?
The "asterisk" is clickable, clicking it takes you to the footnote (the footnotes are usually a bunch of pages that they stick to the end of the book). It's very, very, difficult to actually click it within Bluefire. It seems like only about 1 pixel is active to be actually clicked on, and my finger is just too fat to hit it at all consistently.

The newest Terry Pratchett actually had a "reverse link" on the actual footnote page that returns to the original reading place, so if they start doing that consistantly it will make a back button in Bluefire less important (but it will of course depend on the publisher to make those reverse links where a back-button will always work).
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