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pocketbook pro 602 or bebook one 2010?


I bought me a bebook one 2010 edition but I'm not completely satisfied with it. Txt has only 3 zoomlevels of which only one is usable for me. I can convert to epub but this has other things I don't like like pagenumbers appearing and batteryindicator gone.
Sometimes I have to push the buttons three times before something happens, text input is very cumbersome this way.

I am looking at the pocketbook pro 206 which is about equally priced and has wifi, bluetooth and some other functionality like text to speech and dictionaries. Besides it pretends to have 14000 pageturns while the bebook pretends 8000.
I don't care for text to speech but a dictionary could be handy. But apart from these gadgets the overall quality is off course important.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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