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Asus Eee Note EA800 - Screen Tech?

So the Asus Eee Note EA800 has been released, with what sounds like a really nice 256-level touch sensitive 8" grayscale screen, and excellent note taking abilities.

It carries what Asus calls a "non-backlit display [that] remains clear even in bright daylight" which sounds e-inkish. But the claimed resolution is 768x1024, which is not very e-inkish sounding.

Anyone know anything about what kind of screen tech this thing is packing?

I personally own a 1st-gen eink device (Irex iliad) and hate Eink for its crappy contrast ratio and even crappier refresh rate, so I am still waiting for somebody to come out with some kind of reflective (non backlit) display that actually works for an ereader. Maybe this is it?

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