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Smile Happy with 650 and question regarding "touch" screen sensitivity to dust

Hi all,

first of all "I AM VERY HAPPY". I got my 650 yesterday (Sony-Shop). It is really a beautiful and snappy / fast and ergonomically well thought-out device. I still have my (heavily modded) 505 but I think this will go straight to my mother/father.

But now one question for ppl with more experience concerning the new "touch" screen (IR-matrix-sensor-screen):

How sensitive is the bezel/IR-sensor to "normal" dust, hairs (have 2 cats), crumbs and the like? I am used to use my Reader like a paper book: In the bed, while having sunday breakfast etc., so chances are that "items" land on the Reader and eventually also under the bezel.
Can this disturb the touch-sensitivity? I the bezel easily cleanabke? Are the sensors sealed somehow?
Any experiences?

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