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Talking Nook Color vs my iPad

Hi everyone! I definitely need help making a decision (something I'm terrible with, haha). I guess maybe I just need some points that I haven't thought about to help me make up my mind.

Right now I have an iPad that I read on (through the iBooks app), and it is definitely pretty (a plus to me). I love that it is back lit and that I can turn down the brightness because I am almost always a night time, in the dark reader. I only have one problem with reading on my iPad, it's heavy. I prop it up on my comforter somewhat on my chest and even then it's still a little heavy. When I saw the new Nook Color was coming out, I though that would be a perfect alternative, but I don't know if I can justify another $250 when I have a perfectly good iPad. I do use my iPad constantly for things other than reading, so it wouldn't get neglected, hehe. I do buy books from the iBooks store and I would be buying books directly from Barnes and Noble if I got the Nook Color. I think I like the ease of download and read.
Also, I don't travel so wifi is perfectly fine. The battery life on the Nook Color is ok with me too, since I am used to charging my iPad fairly regularly as it is.

So I need some help. Maybe you can give me a few reasons why I should definitely get the Nook Color...or maybe why I shouldn't, lol.

Thanks so much in advance!

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