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Well, having read all the posts I think that I must be wrong to think that there might be a price war. We will just have to bite the bullet and live with prices of around £250 for eInk readers.

I note that Harry stated that Bookeen can sell all they produce so no need to reduce price. What I don't understand is that in the UK one cannot buy any of these devices in computer stores or electronic shops. Surely if they were openly available in the shops interest might be kindled (no pun intended)?

I have not yet met one single person who owns any form of eReader except for a handheld PC. Most of my friends and acquaintances (and me) read eBooks, but only on these small devices which is a pain in the rear end because the screen is so small. Most would buy if they could walk into a shop and pick one up at a reasonable price (say£200).

I have enquired at Currys, PC World , electronic gizmo shops along Tottenham Court road, amongst others and, generally speaking the sales staff either have no idea what I am talking about, or, the answer is that "there is no demand for them".

The whole UK scene is extremely frustrating.

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