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Why is Kindle 3 REINDEXING books that were already indexed?


Anyone know why my Kindle 3 has to reindex my books? I'm getting no where with Amazon cuxtomer service- my experience with them has been there VERY pleasant but not helpful in resloving issues. First my original Kindle kept stalling then losing all my indexed books which were previously indexed (over 600) so I could not take my Kindle with me since I needed to keep it plugged in. After this happened again they said my unit was defective and sent me a replacement-no troubleshooting-just a replacement. When got the new unit no one in customer service could tell me how to restore my 700 books back into collections. Infact they had me click on all 700 books one at a time, from my archive items to restore them to my home page! After 2 weeks I still had not rebuilt my collections then found a solution on the forum that if deregister and reregister my kindle my collections will be fixed! Why no one at Amazon customer service knew this I dont know. But once again ALL of my 700 books suddenly need to be indexed again! So it looks like I went through this replacement farce for nothing :-0. I have not contacted Amazon customer service since they have been no help thus far just super NICE.
FYI the index issue started BEFORE I deregister and reregister my Kindle -I was hoping that would fix it since a reset did not work.

Anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it from reocurring?

Anyone know any other ebook readers that have the ablity to search and do annotations? I like my Kindle but I need a reader that is reliable bcause I do a lot of research and can't keep losing my indexes( and the ability to take me Kindle with me since it has to be plugged in for this rebuild of my indexes). These indexes can take over a day to restore.

Sorry for the long post- I'm going batty with this device :-)

Thank you for any help!
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