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soft copy vs. hard copy no more.

here's an idea, i haven't yet seen discussed (but forgive me if it has, and i failed to notice it), though it has more to do with service rather than hardware or functionality.

i'm a frequent reader, so ebook readers are very appealing to me. but i also do like my small collection of books. this is my dilemma.

but what if a deal was worked out where by after purchasing an ebook, having read it and having liked it, one could get the hard copy at a highly discounted rate? a move like this would definitely push me off the fence to the "purchasing an ebook reader" side. it seems like a logical move that could only be good for the industry and, as of right now, i fail to see any drawbacks to it. the implementation seems highly possible and, off hand, i don't foresee any possibilities of exploiting such a service.

i must admit, i am new to all this, i haven't done any research, and i do not own an ebook reader, so this suggestion is pretty much fresh out the half-bakery.

be gentle.
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