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Onion Girl

Just FYI. Noticed did match the Amazon price of $9.99 on Onion Girl. Still reliably well-priced across the board. Some better, some worse, some the same as Amazon. Better than about everyone else. The price is what I actually end up putting on my credit card, not something I get when I redeem points or rebates later. Not sure how this will work for BooksOnBoard in the long run since they're not holding me hostage, but I'm okay with that.

Better still, I don't need to buy a new $400 device to get the price. Problem is in publisher list pricing, not retailer pricing. Someday, I'll end up with a dedicated ebook reader, but it will probably be $99, not $399. And I hope it will have the format I'm using now. I left books behind with my Rocket eBook, and left a lot more behind when Amazon deleted my bookshelves a year ago. I don't want to do that again. Still beats paper collecting dust at home, though.
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