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I'm loving this app so far, thank you so much!

One nit I've got at the moment, it's very hard to tap footnote links, particularly ones that are only a single superscripted character (like an asterisk or a number). I often have to try tapping them 5-10 times before it recognizes that I'm trying to tap the footnote and not trying to bring up the interface or turn the page.

Once I finally do get the footnote to work, it's very hard to return to where I was reading, because there's no "back" button, only next/previous page arrows. It's possible to use the scrubber to get back by quickly tapping it, but I suspect it's because of a bug. After tapping a footnote link, the scrubber still shows that it's on Page "x of YYY" of the page containing the footnote link rather than the page that the text of the footnote is on.

This workaround is a little difficult to use though, because of another issue: the scrubber is too sensitive. It's pretty much impossible to drag the scrubber to a specific page and then release it and stay on the page you think you were going to. I always end up at least 1, and often 3-4 pages away from where I am trying to get.

Overall, very nice app though, I can't wait for even more improvements.

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