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Free wall charger from pandigital

Called PDN Customer Service (1-800-715-5354) and thought I was finagling them out of a free wall charger. They sent one at no cost, not even shipping. Emailed thanks and asked what a unit would cost if I wanted to actually buy one. Got email back that they're sending me another one. Now I’ll have three. Called Customer Service and asked a live person what a unit would cost if I wanted to buy a spare. Was told “They’re free – we don’t charge for them.” Made sure he understood this wasn’t a replacement for a defective unit, just one to keep in the office or car. Told him I would be posting this info on website and they’d be getting a lot of calls requesting free wall chargers. He said “O.K.” He was not a supervisor so once they start getting calls not sure how long they’ll keep doing this but give it a shot if you want a spare.

Checked Wiki, didn’t see this was against rules. If you take advantage of this info and do get a free charger, please donate a buck or two to “Toys for Tots” in the name of Gunny Luke. Not me, my GSgt in Nam who didn’t make it home.
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