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Let's examine one of those arguments: "ebooks are expensive"

Last year I spent $692 on 34 books purchased on Amazon or at my local Borders. (Not too bad - only a little over my $50 a month book budget.) If I buy the same number of ebooks next year at $10 a piece, and spend $400 on a Kindle, that will be $740.

Now, paper books are obviously cheaper in my case, especially when you consider that I could, in theory, resell some of those books. (In reality I don't. Some sit on my ever-growing bookshelf in my office and others pile up at home until I finally take a box of books somewhere to give away.) But - the difference is not that significant.

And consider year two! If I keep my Kindle as my primary reader until the end of 2009 (my wife is rolling her eyes and saying, "I'll believe that when I see it.") ebooks will cut my budget in almost half that year.

So, with the advent of $10 ebooks I'd say the "ebooks are expensive" argument is not very strong anymore.
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