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newbie needs to make epub to pasa epubchecker

hi, i have 60 html files with lots of images (500). there are close to being valid xhtml1.1. i have been using mobi creator to make a prc. i was using sigil to make an epub but sigil is loosing most of my diagrams now.

so, i tried calibre. i imported the opf and tried to convert to epub. calibre complains about no suitable source format.

i imported the prc made by mobi and converted it to an epub. running epubcheck on this get a bazillion errors (as epected). most of these are my problem, but some seem to come from calibre due to style being added and the files being split up.

used the command line from prc to a directory. makes one big html file and gets lots of style errors from the conversion process (some may be mine).

is there a way to stop the addition of style?

is there a way to keep the original html files?

would another program be easier to make an epub from xhtml 1.1 files?


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