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I don't agree

Originally Posted by TadW View Post
Remember the rant against e-books by Mike Elgan from ComputerWorld? Well, the same guy who called e-books an eternal failure has now fallen in love with his Kindle:

Full article: Why Amazon's Kindle is revolutionary

Of course this doesn't make any sense. In his rant article, Mr. Elgan asserted that the problem with e-books was that you could not touch them like paper and that people didn't want to curl up with a "battery-operated plastic screen". He said they'd never catch on. And today, a couple of months later, the Kindle is the "hottest holiday gift you can buy"? So much for journalistic integrity.
What does journalistic integrity have to do with changing one's mind ? Haven't you ever had a strong opinion on a matter, where you later changed your mind ?

Give the guy a break.. I feel strongly about this, but I reserve the right to have a different opinion later on. . This in no way constitutes a lack of integrity on my part..

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