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My girlfriend has been interested in getting an eReader, and when the color was announced she pretty much decided that would be the one to get. We put in a reservation last week for one, but really wanted to try it out before buying it as she wasn't sure if the LCD screen would be annoying to read off of, and I wasn't happy with the slow responsiveness I had seen in the initial videos released of the Nook Color.

We were in one of my local B&Ns last night specifically hoping that they would have the Nook Color out as a demo. They only had one on display, and surprisingly nobody was looking at it (nor was any workers at the kiosk to help with any questions). As we were walking up to the display a family walked over to the kiosk and completely ignored the color and went to the e-ink Nook to demo.

I have to say, I am not a fan of the Nook or the Kindle, I am completely happy with my Sony 505 still, but playing with this Nook Color really made me want one. I am about to purchase an iPad, for other purposes, but I figure with that, I really don't need a Nook Color of my own... yet.

I can't wait until next week when the store we reserved one at gets them in.
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