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Thanks for all the replies so far, I thought I would post a little update and let you know my thinking at the moment, I am also going to edit my original post after this to remove some information about the range of books we publish just in case there are any competitors lurking out there. Irelands a small market and it would not be hard to work out what company I'm with. ;-)

I really like the V9t, with its larger screen and note taking capability it looks really good for one market segment.

In a move that will probably make some of you envious I am going to buy an iLiad, CyBook Gen3 and a V9t when it is released. After I recieve them I will load up some titles and explore the three devices with a view to how usable they are for various markets.

On the DRM front, I am leaning towards the social DRM model, as far as I know this really works best with Acrobat and I would be interested in exploring how the social DRM model works with other formats, as it will require developing systems to generate the ebook on the fly as orders are placed, where as a system to do that to pdf files can be bought of the shelf.

I take the view that ereading devices are the replacment for paper and as a publisher is concerned about the paper stock a book is printed on so too a publisher should be concerned about the device an ebook is going to be read on. For that reason I have discounted Adobe Digital Editions as it is only available to read on a PC, likewise the vital source format is also discounted for the same reason.

Although in education I can see a use for more restrictions that with general books, does any one know anything about the WOLF DRM is it as restrictive as the mobi DRM.

Please keep the information coming and I will keep you updated with the decision making process from my end.



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