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Questions/concerns about the Kindle :)

Hi all,
I'm trying to decide which ereader I want to get for Christmas, and my head is spinning from all of the information. I currently use my iphone to read ebooks, and love the portability of it (I travel a lot, sometimes with a laptop, sometimes without). I had pretty much decided I wanted the Kindle (probably the 3G one because of the ease of downloading books when traveling), but there are a few things that are turning me off, any opinions on these?

- no support for epub books (which is what my entire library is currently in, but I use Calibre and do know how to convert books etc, I just wonder if this will continue to be a pain, particularly if libraries start to work with epub)
- not a touch screen (I'm so used to my iphone now!)
- unable to expand the storage (can't decide if this is an issue or not?)

I also had a few questions:
- I haven't found any reviews or discussions about the menu system on the Kindle - can you search for a certain book? Does it order books by author or title or both? Can you group books by series? Can you mark a book off as "read"?
- Does anyone have the cover with the light in it? Does it add a lot to the overall weight? Would you recommend it (when travelling, I'm often in poor light, not an issue with the iphone, but I imagine it will be an issue with e-ink)?
- Do you find the buttons for turning a page convenient? Is it very noisy?

Thanks for all and any information - if it matters, I'm in Australia, so will be getting this sent over, hopefully before Christmas!
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