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Originally Posted by bert501 View Post
Hello! Been lurking here for quite a while and now find myself with a question.

While researching my potential ereader purchase, I've been enjoying the heck out of reading ebooks on the Kindle PC. But, that is ALL I've been reading lol

I haven't picked up a "real" book in 3 or 4 months. So today I happened to try to read one and I can't see the darn thing! The flat print with these old eyes just ain't working anymore.

So, my question is this: will I be able to actually SEE the Kindle screen? Is it really "just like paper"? Because if it is, I may need to rethink my Kindle dreams and look at something else.

Thanks for any input!! Chris
No, it's not just like paper, because its... BETTER THAN PAPER!!!.. (Insert the muhahahhaahaaaa here...)
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