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iRiver Cover Story or PRS 650

Hi All,
I'm planning to buy or better off my partner will buy me one. However want to ask which device is better. From the obvious I already know it is 8 greyscale vs 16 greyscale however the iRiver has a longer battery life. Also my partner can get cheaper from Korea. I like iRiver cover story coz its cute and can read zipped comic files which is a plus for me then coverting all the time. However just worried if the reflective touch screen is worst than lets saying reading from a portable media player/ipad. I have a SmartQ V7 which I use for ereading but since I had tested e-ink I complained to my partner will now buy me one yay!!! But now it comes down to which I want. I will mainly be reading PDF, Manga and epubs. Again I think iRiver looks cute kekeke
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