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Having finally bought my Kindle just as the price of modern digital books went up, I naturally turned to the wonderful world of out-of-copyright material for the bulk of my reading pleasure. Of course the quality of digitizing does vary a lot, and I'm just grateful for all the work that people have done already to make it possible to read books I'd otherwise not be able to get. However, I have a surprising number of (non-DRM) ebooks which need only a small number of errors corrected, and I'm OCD enough to want to do that if I can. I know calibre would solve some of these problems, but for editing an ebook originally generated in PRC this script seems much more suitable. Unfortunately I don't have Python installed on my Windows XP computer and I don't really want to get involved with all the complications that would involve just to do some PRC proofreading....

Is there any possibility that some kind person might convert this script into a Windows executable, as has been done for the mobiperl scripts?

I know it's an imposition and I feel guilty about not doing it for myself, but I'm getting older and doing something like installing Python doesn't seem as much fun as it used to.
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