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Firmware wishlist

Maybe jumping the gun, but /shrug. I assume that firmware upgrades will be over-the-air, and hopefully fairly painless. I also hope there's an indication (yes/no) that prompts us or tells us a firmware upgrade is available.

Seems people have had their devices for almost two weeks, and a number of people have made their complaints or criticisms known. I wonder how fast Amazon will be in listening and taking some of these to heart?

For myself, I think one of the biggest things I'd like in a new firmware would be the ability to disable/enable the right "next page" button. Maybe additional fonts would be nice, but I'm the kind of person who lives by "defaults" for many settings (because it causes less grief in the end).

Also, a "last page read" option might be nice. I forget which read used to have that option (MSReader?), but if you choose that, it would take you to last page you've read (obviously), which is nice sometimes, especially if I want to jump back a chapter or whatever to pick up something I missed (yes, I know bookmarks will take care of that issue, but that's besides the point).
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