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I like the idea. I wonder if the free program is only available for one day during the week. I went to Handango and looked for the free software offer, but couldn't find the link. I'll try everyday this week until I find the lucky day.

I think it's a good idea again, but I'd like to be able to choose somewhat the software. At least maybe a freebie in the topic I'm interested in, if not any free application I want for the week.

Of course, no company does things from the bottom of their souls for the heck of it and they're all here to make money but true altruism would believe in the services enough to stand behind the offer and know that we, as customers, would come to them for the rest of our software needs. I got some free software from PalmGear a little while back, and while some of the offerings were kinda interesting, I only got them because they were free to me. I'd have liked to have been able to choose software that I know I will use over software I might use.
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