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Boot problems

Originally Posted by Godzil View Post
Constantly switching firmware is generaly a BAD idea. You will wear the internal flash quickly by doing this, or get the risk to brick the device.

I don't recommands to use the 1.5/2.0 public firmware at all, especially if your device was send with a newer version (the build is the best information, better than firmware version)

What is the start of your device serial number?

Try to redownload the 2.1 firmware, it seems that the newest bookeen server tend to do bad download, and it's look like that the installer may not detect them...
Hi an thanks for your reply

the serial number is E60420B11605B00234

i have redownloded the firmwawre but stil the same.

i have a feeling that i had done bad things fomatet the cybook drive without having take the backup of the system dir but stil i dont now why i cant update to 2.1 original it was 2.0

The installer can update to Mobi so i think that the installer is ok
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