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Originally Posted by rischa View Post
It's an original Kobo, on the original firmware (since I've been happy I haven't seen the need to update, plus I like having cover images). Anyone have any ideas? I'm afraid I'll have to replace the dB, but I'd rather not if it's avoidable.
rischa, like you I didn't want to do the 1.4 upgrade either.

My original version Kobo was going great guns - no probs at all.

Then one night I turned it on to read in bed (as I do EVERY night) and ... without any prior warning at all ... it had the biggest hissy fit you could possibly imagine.

So, I did that 1.4 upgrade and now I have no issues at all.

I just make sure I turn it off every time I've finished reading in that session, so as to avoid any possible sleep/power off probs which I know some people have experienced with 1.4

Please do the upgrade - you won't be sorry
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