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[QUOTE=thekidsmom;1208667] I went back and 'sent to device' books whose titles I had changed.

original title: All I Ever Wanted
new title: 01All I Ever Wanted

What I ended up with was Calibre reading my device & telling me I had 2 books called 01All I Ever Wanted

but Nook showing All I Ever Wanted two sign of a 01 anywhere.

(underline for reading ease only)

I also made sure that I've got metadata mgmt set to 'automatic'....which tells me that 'Calibre automatically keeps metadata on the device in sync with the calibre library, on every connect'. So shouldn't the title order of books inside the nook reflect the same title order showing in calibre?

I can tell that calibre is an extremely robust and powerful program--sadly, my brain is not equally powerful and robust. HELP!
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