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@FethryDuck: 1/ I undestand how Sir Alex's hack replaces original symbols in symbol "menu" with others. But it is unusable for longer typing (ie for annotation or comments) - IMO. For Russian Azbuka (or maybe Japan Kana) it has reason, but for other languages that mostly latin alphabet with diacritics it can be made as diacritics symbol + following letter. Ie, in Czech we use caron "ˇ", acute and ring (with some other for foreign names, see diacritics on wiki). This is common on standard kbd to typ caron and then letter (ˇ+ C = Č) for upper case (less common) - most use lower case letter we are mapped instead of numbers (+ěčř/1234567890). I understand that someone that use only a few accented letters (, and as RexGalore :-) ) like to have them all in symbols sheet - so this should be done as user choice.
@FethryDuck: 2/ Yes, it seems that Kindle use some own kbd driver which complicated such things as layout modification. :-/ Regrettably I doesn't have skill to do this myself.

Sir Alex: If I take it right, You just changed symbols in symbol table (in some internal config file), didn't You? So my idea about diacritics (type diacritic mark as symbol and then type letter to get letter with diacritic mark (ˇ+ C = Č) can't be done. Right?
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