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Originally Posted by sfernald View Post
Does it give you an option to allow Kindle users to download a free sample chapter?

I really like that option because within one chapter I can usually tell if I like the writer's style and if I like the direction he's going with the story.
there's a heated discussion (well, one dude is heated, at any rate) on the dtp forum about this very thing. evidently amazon haven't yet worked out the mechanism for providing samples of self-published items.

in my case, with a story only a few pages long, it is sort of redundant although i like the idea of being able to provide at least a few sample paragraphs for just what you say--determining if you like the style.

just out of curiosity, i wonder what would happen if they let the self-publishers mark off a sample area and some selected the whole work so they could provide it free to their friends? i know, anarchy to even think like that and steve will b****-slap me again i'm sure! [g]

so i have no dog in the fight except i'm always for free samples. of ice cream or reading material ...

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