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Originally Posted by curstpriest View Post
Pretty sure

not not prety sure, was an approximation, ;-)

Past 10,000 page, I was referring to all shutdown, possibly get past the 10,000 page, "I never got tested often, what you get tested? ... (10,000 pages past, only turning off 3G)

(I think it also depends on "size" of the sources chosen, because it takes less time to draw when they are few. And much more if we choose the smallest)

Coupling with music or flashlight, battery down faster.

With the 3G, when the battery "is touched", if I turn it off (3G), recovery, 5 ~ 10% battery maybe ... when load is low I mean.

Possibly exaggerate a little, not 3 weeks, unless we use him half an hour every day ...

In any case, the new operating system (present in Kindle 3), (we (DX) need new firmware/update...) seems to consume less battery. (Although the battery is also more powerful),

In any case ... I love the concept, "static image" ~zero consumption. (Obviously off the 3G, that if it eat enough battery), at least in Spain ...

best regards, from here...

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