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prs350 vs prs600

Hi all,
I think it's finally coming for me the time to buy my first ebook reader (i've been long dreaming about it, well before actual readers came out), because they are getting in the price range right to my pockets.

I have tons of books randomly collected from the internet in formats that vary from plain text to the old .lit, and of course gazillions of .pdf(s). Some are university textbooks, technical papers, but also novels and other stuff.

I'm a tech geek (I suppose, but not really sure) so I've been using my cheap chinese console, and my nokia 5530 with ZXreader (which by the way advise you) by applying every dirty conversion possible to be able to have decent reading experience.

I work all day with the pc, so the eyestrain IS a problem to me when I get home, therefore i like eInk, but don't want to spend too much since... you know I'm not rich at all.

Since I think good pdf reading is mandatory to me, I'd go for sony readers because of reflowing capabilities, and pan/zoom with the touch screen which seems to be much more convenient than other solutions.

From the sony store my choice is between a refurbished pr600, and a new prs350, since I could get either one or the other for 170€ (BTW it's a shame that from sonystyle you can get the refurbished prs600 for 120$ just inside USA, which makes a BIG price difference). They seem to be very similar devices with comparable capabilities. The only known difference to me is the display, and since I have never seen a 350 live I cannot judge which woud be better to me.

What do you advice me guys?

Thanks in advance.

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