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Originally Posted by peca007 View Post
......Is something as described features possible? (I doesn't mean to ask Sir Alex personally. I ask anybody competent, if it is possible or not. Thank for you answers.
I may try to give some sort of an answer, but will first say I am sorry that I may have caused the thread to go a little astray.

1. The system presented here seem like a nice independent application. It does not involve the keyboard at all. You simply pick and click the symbols with the "mouse" or 5-way key.

I will include a question to Sir Alex: in the screenshot at the lower right corner, an arrow is seen. Is it possible to call up another character map with it ? An example: you got what you show here, but may call yet another symbol table, say mathematical symbols, greek letters, etc.

2. @peca007 - yes, this was what I was thinking too. And it is possible to do as well. However, it is difficult to make a sort of universal recipe. Every country seem to have their own heap of keyboard layouts. It is rather messy. I am not a programmer, but can create some ideas:

Layout generator: we all have a working computer with the layout we seek. Let us say one used a simple spreadsheet with a layout of the Kindle. Then simply entered "our" keys at our regular computer - some Html page and scripts might do it to. Sir Alex are terrible close to have all what is needed.

We somehow collect these layouts here on site, and then try to figure out what to do

But then all sorts of difficult questions appear. I don't know how the system uses the keyboard. Perhaps someone may understand my drivel here, if I ask - should it be, or is it an "evdev" thing. ( event device driver, combining mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, keyboard, 5way-key ? Do we have an X-terminal ? Can we utilise mouse info ? In a way we could, say ssh over wifi, or usbnetwork, think there are some serial connectors, and there are lots we can stick under the hood. So ? Somewhere between this and altering some key-codes is doable. )

Well, just some thoughts. Delete if inappropriate.

My 2 cents of quack ..
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