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Originally Posted by OakIris View Post
Sometimes there are comparisons between the "real" (read "better") experience of listening to an album on a turntable or with a good CD player as opposed to the digitalized "lacking" format as played on an MP3 player, but I understand what you mean. (By the way, I must confess that although I do have at least 3 versions of the iPod Nano, I also listen to music via my good CD players and my very good (IMHO) turntable/tube amp system. Each form of music reproduction has it's place, and though I might prefer music from my turntable system, I thank the goddess for the portability of MP3s. )

I haven't checked into the Magic Catalog as yet, but I do have it bookmarked. Good to see that the Ars Technica article brought this to the attention of some of the folks here - including myself.

and myself too

as for the difference of listening to music via a "real experience"... I miss the good old days when I had to go to La Scala in Milano to listen to very good symphonic music... then the black, round 78 rpm came out and all the magic was lost

Sorry, being a little bit silly... just tried to put things in perspective, sort of...
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